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« اِنَّ قَلِیلَ العَمَلِ مَعَ العِلمِ کَثِیرٌ وَ کَثِیرَ العَمَلِ مَعَ الجَهلِ قَلِیلٌ »
نهج الفصاحه ، حدیث 873
کار اندک که با بصیرت و دانش انجام گیرد بسیار است و کار بسیار که با نادانی صورت پذیرد اندک است .
Famous People Sayings about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
The orphan from Makkah who changed the whole world. With fewer than ten dedicated followers in the beginning of his mission, more than one billion people recognize him as their prophet and the most ideal role model. The whole world has changed in a very unprecedented way that will never be duplicated.  Let the people who did not believe in him, speak about his attributes!  ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA:"....a mass of details in the early
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