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The Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) carried the message of knowledgeThe Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) carried the message of knowledge, yet there was no knowledge in that society. He carried the message of justice, yet there was no trace of justice in that society and powerful people and bullying rulers dominated people's lives and possessions. He was the messenger of morality, lenience, forgiveness, justice, and kindness, yet that society was devoid of such characteristics in the real sense of the word. The society was full of unkind, bullying,
Now I would like to address a point to the enthusiastic and revolutionary youth studying at our Islamic seminaries. Enthusiastic and revolutionary youth make up a large portion of our seminary students. Dear youth, the future belongs to you. You are the hope of the future of the country. You should be extremely vigilant. The revolutionary youth studying at our Islamic seminaries are down-to-earth and active, but they should also be vigilant. The revolutionary movement must not be such that allegations of extremism can be
The biography of Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) is replete with strife and struggle and the very strife that have safeguarded Islam till today. The strife of community can keep a school of thought in the world for centuries; it presents new blossoms in every season to mankind, it is great.......................................During a meeting with youngs of the Ahl al – Bayt (‘a) World Assembly in 2000.......................................Ref:AhlulbaytPortal.com
The Charter of Freedom (16/04/2008)The address made by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution at the graduation ceremony of the students of Tarbiat Modarres University.Tehran, Sept 3, I998In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulThis is, for me, a pleasant day. Of course, I had visited your university frequently during the terms of my presidency. But the present occasion has certain aspects which in my mind will turn it into a sweet, lasting memory: A few months ago, when I was informed of this
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