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The Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) carried the message of knowledgeThe Holy Prophet (s.w.a.) carried the message of knowledge, yet there was no knowledge in that society. He carried the message of justice, yet there was no trace of justice in that society and powerful people and bullying rulers dominated people's lives and possessions. He was the messenger of morality, lenience, forgiveness, justice, and kindness, yet that society was devoid of such characteristics in the real sense of the word. The society was full of unkind, bullying,
My dear ones, maintain your presence on the scene. The country belongs to you. The peaks that I told you about belong to you. By Allah's favor, when you grow up, you will see these peaks and you will be a source of pride for your nation. Of course no movement ever achieves perfection. Moving towards the peaks is an ongoing process, and it is never completed. The important point is that a nation should learn and become determined to move towards perfection. This determination
Iranian nation only pursues its duty and responsibility and continues the light path, fight with Satan and stand against the Satan claim. The biggest fight with arrogance and Satan of arrogance is to stand against their claim. Iranian nation today has the great fight and it was prepared by the great Imam; the nation has trodden its path and praise belongs to Allah that it has attained its honor; today also it is treading the same path strongly. We have presented great martyrs, honor souls
The Charter of Freedom (16/04/2008)The address made by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution at the graduation ceremony of the students of Tarbiat Modarres University.Tehran, Sept 3, I998In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the MercifulThis is, for me, a pleasant day. Of course, I had visited your university frequently during the terms of my presidency. But the present occasion has certain aspects which in my mind will turn it into a sweet, lasting memory: A few months ago, when I was informed of this
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