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Last MessageExplanation on the manner of writing the Last Testament of Imam Khomeini:Imam Khomeini finished writing his politico-religious testament, which is indeed his everlasting message and summary of all testaments and messages of his blessed life on Bahman 26, 1361 AHS [February 15, 1983]. In the course of a message dated Tir 22, 1362 AHS [July 13, 1983], he entrusted a sealed copy of it to the first Assembly of Experts. Several years later, Imam Khomeini reviewed his last testament. By making changes in it,
JamaranTehran starts from the slope of the Alborz chain of altitudes and stretches to the extensive mountains and plains. The contours of Alborz which rise in Damavand and Tuchal, cast a shadow on the suncity, and by the grace of the Most Gracious, Tehran breathes in from a breeze that blows from the edging of Alborz heights’ slopes. The village of Jamaran is a living legacy of the gardens of Tehran during the Safavid era whose present architectural façade reflects a blending of tradition and
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StatementsDate: Morning, February 26, 1989 [Esfand 7, 1367 AHS/ Rajab 19, 1409 AH]Place: Jamaran, TehranSubject: A window opening into the vast and eternal worldAudience: Eduard Shevardnadze (Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union); `Ali-Akbar Wilayati (Iranian Foreign Minister); Muhammad Jawad Larijani (Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister); `Ali-Rida Nawbari (Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Moscow)[In this meeting, Soviet Foreign Minister handed over the written message of Mikhail Gorbachev to the Imam and briefed the Imam on the content of the message.In this meeting, Shevardnadze first
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