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Last MessageExplanation on the manner of writing the Last Testament of Imam Khomeini:Imam Khomeini finished writing his politico-religious testament, which is indeed his everlasting message and summary of all testaments and messages of his blessed life on Bahman 26, 1361 AHS [February 15, 1983]. In the course of a message dated Tir 22, 1362 AHS [July 13, 1983], he entrusted a sealed copy of it to the first Assembly of Experts. Several years later, Imam Khomeini reviewed his last testament. By making changes in it,
Aadab As-SalatThe Desciplines Of The PrayerThis book was written in 1321/1942, following the compilation of the book, Serrol-Salat.  “ADABOL-SALAT” is a detailed account of the rules and spiritual secrets of Prayer and is replete with ethical and agnostical points.
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StatementsDate: Circa November-December 1988 [Azar 1367 AHS/ Rabi` ath-Thani 1409 AH ]Place: Jamaran, TehranSubject: Need for resistance against Zionists and compromisersAddressees: Leaders of the Intifadah «1»[In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful]Rabi` ath-Thani 10, 1409 AHAt the time of the Shah when all the powers, America, the Soviet Union, and other Westerners supported him, we, the nation, stood in order to finish the job.As you have been informed, among yourselves there are persons like those who are worse than them the Zionists such
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