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‘Ali, the Holy Prophet’s Brother


Ahmad ibn Hanbal in his Musnad has quoted Zayd ibn Awfi as saying: I went to the presence of the Holy Prophet (S) where ‘Ali was speaking about covenant of brotherhood among the companions. 
He said: O Messenger of Allah, when I saw that you made covenants of brotherhood among your companions but I was ignored, my soul was going out of my body! 
If this is because I have done something wrong and you are angry with me, here I am for any punishment you deem proper! 
Seeing ‘Ali’s sad face, the Messenger of Allah said: By God Almighty Who appointed me as prophet, the reason I forsook to speak to you was nothing but to reserve you as a brother for myself. 
As for your position to me is like Aaron’s to Moses except that there will be no prophet after me.
O ‘Ali, you are my brother and heir. 
I said: What will I inherit from you? 
He said: What the former prophets have left behind among their followers and that is the book of Allah, and the tradition of His messengers. 
You will be with me in paradise while my daughter is with you. 
You are my brother and friend. 
Then, the Messenger of Allah, as a sign of happiness for this great occasion recited the verse “They shall as be brethren, on raised couches, face to face” (15:47).
Ibn Mughazili, the Shafi’ite jurisprudent has reported Anas as saying: On the day of Mubahalah (mutual curse), the Messenger of Allah made a covenant of brotherhood among his companions. 
At this time, ‘Ali was standing in a place the Holy Prophet could see him and knew his position but did not say a word about brotherhood with him. 
He left the place for home with tearful eyes. 
The Messenger of Allah asked for ‘Ali.
Those present in that place said ‘Ali had gone home weeping. 
The Messenger of Allah said to Bilal: Go quickly and bring ‘Ali here. 
When Bilal arrived in ‘Ali’s house, he found ‘Ali weeping. 
Lady Fatimah asked ‘Ali for his weeping, saying: May Allah never make you weep! 
‘Ali said: the Messenger of Allah made covenant of brotherhood between Muhajir and Ansar, but he did not say a word about me though he saw me standing there!
Lady Fatimah said: Don’t worry. 
Perhaps my father has reserved you for himself! 
Bilal reports: I said: O ‘Ali, go and see the Messenger of Allah. 
‘Ali went to the presence of the Holy Prophet (S) who asked ‘Ali about the reason for his weeping. ‘Ali said: O Messenger of Allah!
You made the covenant of brotherhood among the companions, but you did not say a word about my brotherhood with anyone, though you were seeing me!
The Messenger of Allah said: O ‘Ali, I reserved you for myself.
Are you not happy for being the brother of the prophet? ‘Ali said: Yes indeed, O Messenger of Allah!
I am really happy but how did I obtain such an honor? The Holy Prophet took ‘Ali’s hand in his hand, took him up the pulpit, raised his hands in prayer and said: O Lord! ‘Ali is from me and I am from ‘Ali. 
His position to me is as Aaron’s to Moses. 
Then he said: Whomever I am the master, ‘Ali is his master too. 
Following this event, ‘Ali happily set out for his house. 
Following him, Umar ibn Khattab said: congratulations for this position. 
Now, you are my master and that of every Muslim!
Hudhayfah ibn Al-Yaman reports: the Messenger of Allah made covenant of brotherhood between Muhajir and Ansar in a way he made each the brother of his peer. 
Then, he took ‘Ali’s hand in his hand, saying: ‘Ali is my brother. 
Hudhayfah further reports: Beyond doubt, the Messenger of Allah is the master of all prophets and leader of the pious ones as well as the messenger of the lord of the universe, who is peerless, and ‘Ali, his brother too is peerless in universe.
Ref: From the book "Certainty Uncovered", the translation of "Kashf al-Yaqin" - Author: Allamah Jamal al-Din ibn Yusuf Hilli
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